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Tarian Technology was formed out of Exsel Electronics in 2017 to develop civilian applications of defence related products, services and systems. It was launched in September 2018 believing that consumers can benefit from the innovative thinking and wide experience that has gone into previous and current defence-related projects.


The company comprises a close-knit team of world-class scientists and engineers that have worked together for a number of years addressing some of the most pressing issues faced in the modern defence industry. 

The team’s work has helped to protect valuable equipment, data, and most importantly of all, people, from a wide spectrum of threats ranging from hostile forces to extreme environments. 

Our products encapsulate the skill and experience gained from servicing the needs of the defence industry and working directly alongside government agencies and other world-leading British, American and Israeli companies. 

Our services make this skill and experience available directly to other companies large and small, from start-ups and university spin-outs to long-established enterprises, providing competent and competitively-priced systems, software and electronic engineering solutions to help our clients grow and prosper as they serve their own markets.

Secure & robust electronic products, software, systems and services for the worlds toughest environments.

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