Track & defend your assets securely and remotely

Secure & robust electronic products, software, systems and services for the worlds toughest environments.

Drone Defender

Multi-channel drone detection and counter measure technology.

Forms a secure 'wall' with camera, radar, audio & radio sensors.

Overrides and shuts out intruder's commands and triggers "Send Home" or "Land now" instructions.

Estimates source location and gathers unique drone identifier data, allowing follow-up intelligence and action if required.

Can trigger counter measures such as interceptor drones or nets.

Identify and protect security zones, industrial assets, technology and property from unwanted drone espionage or intrusion.



Stop drone intrusion and infiltration into secure areas where there is a risk of package drops.

Tarian Tracking

Track and locate vehicles, objects, people and animals.

Bespoke tracking technology designed to meet different requirements.

Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth beacons and micro-seismic sensors with real-time and remote configuration and reporting.

User defined settings for micro-geo-location and path-based deviation alarms.


Track and record the location of your motor vehicles or seagoing vessels, transmitting their location in real time or recording the data and transferring it when it is safe or convenient to do so.

Set geo-fenced alarms that alert when valuable items leave a fixed area of exceed a certain distance from a vehicle.

Accurately monitor personnel locations when they enter unknown, dangerous or unstable buildings


Track valuable equipment, supplies, livestock and predators to prevent theft or loss. 


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