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Safeguard your organisations and staff against Cyber-Criminals

We at Tarian Technology, based in Buttington, near Welshpool, have teamed up with Dyfed-Powys Police to help prevent cyber-criminals from using the Covid 19 pandemic to scam local businesses and individuals from Mid and West Wales.

Hackers are currently using the COVID-19 outbreak to trick victims into downloading booby-trapped documents to spread malware and ransomware, even among UK health centres and those who are trying to save lives globally, in the race to find suitable vaccines.

They will also target any business, large or small, or individuals, if they think they have assets, intellectual property and money that they could steal for themselves.

​Our ground-breaking initiative, called Cyberwatch, features a series of in-depth Q&A videos, filmed in a Dyfed-Powys Police interview room, detailing how hackers operate and how you can take steps to help protect yourself from them.

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Do you think you are a victim of a Cyber-Crime?

Contact Dyfed-Powys Police

Phone 101

Cyberwatch's 5 Top Tips to safe and secure remote working

  1. Ensure you have a "remote working policy" in place to instruct users on the safe and secure practices

  2. Ensure you are using a credible VPN for users to connect into your company infrastructure

  3. Don't assume your infrastructure is safe from cyber-attacks, just because you are not in the office - continue to monitor your networks

  4. Have a plan in place to react to any cyber-attacks which may occur while you don't have onsite IT Security Support

  5. Test the plan to ensure that it is suitable for your business needs and adjust accordingly


So you've been hacked! were you prepared? Did you have a disaster recovery plan?

It is inevitable at some point in time your organisation will sustain a successful Cyber breach into your system. What can you do to ensure that if you are breached, you know how to recover as quickly as possible.

Criminals are using Cyber-crime to commit fraud, how does it affect your business?

Whether it is through email, your website or another method, fraud is a key incentive for a cyber-criminal. How can we spot fraud and identify it from genuine enquiries or sales? Tarian Technologies' Cyber expert Dan Edmunds asks the question of Detective Constable Gareth Jordan, Dyfed Powys Police Cyber Protect Officer.

What is Phishing and how can it affect your company?

Phishing attacks are so close to the real deal these days it is becoming more and more difficult to spot them, so what is a Phishing attack and how can we prevent them?

Who is responsible for your Cyber Security?

It is extremely important to create a security culture within your organisation, but who is accountable when things go wrong?

How could ransomware affect your business?

Watch this video now to find out more with Tarian Technology's Cyber Security specialist, Dan Edmunds.

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