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Data Centric Security

Secure & robust electronic products, software, systems and services for the worlds toughest environments.

What is Data Centric Security?

Data centric security allows companies to secure data in a way that it is self-protecting and is not reliant on the network security to secure it.  Data centric security encrypts the data, which provides protection when data is at rest and in transit.

There are five key benefits to using data centric security:

  • Improved operational effectiveness

  • Enhanced security

  • Reduced costs

  • Enhanced business credibility

  • Resilient operation

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Why do we need Data Centric Security?

Network Attack!

39% of UK businesses reported a security breach in 2021.


In 2021, large companies experienced 15% of security breaches from staff attempting to access networks and information that they do not have clearance for.

Data centric security can ensure that a bad actor, from within or from outside the company, who has gained access to the network is unable to access the data.

Data centric security is able to block users from accessing files with access control, using a policy engine where attributes are authenticated. 

UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

British Airways and Marriot Hotels have both been fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for data breaches.

Companies are under an obligation to protect personal data, data centric security can protect this data as it would with a network attack.  Data centric security ensures that personal data is encrypted and is only accessed by the users that have the correct level of security.

Not only does a company have an obligation to protect personal data, they are required to only keep data for as long as it is needed.  Retention periods of documents can vary depending on the type of information and when that retention period starts.  For example, HR should keep salary records for six years.  

Every business stores data and it is not a simple task to work out how long to keep data as documents have different retention periods.  Data centric security is able to store retention information along with the data it relates. Therefore, querying individual documents from the past to find out the retention period is going to be more efficient than trawling through thousands of documents from a certain time period all with different lifecycles.  Without data centric security, it may lead to a decision to delete records, which really should be kept for longer.

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