In office & on the move

Secure & robust electronic products, software, systems and services for the worlds toughest environments.


Transfer data from secure to insecure networks without risk.

Ensure predictable unidirectional data transfer for critical infrastructure

Gigabit, fast ethernet & fibre optic connectivity.

Rack, portable and ruggedised alternatives.

Can be used for local or remotely secured sites



Clients and other parties can send documents to your secure server, safe in the knowledge that no-one from outside your premises can access the server and steal data from it; increasing client data security and reducing your risk of liability under GDPR.

Monitor hospital data remotely without rendering critical medical equipment vulnerable to outside interference, or have patients send you data from their own homes or mobile devices into a secure area from which this data cannot be stolen.


Protect your network of environmental monitoring stations from outside interference while providing unrestricted public access to the raw data feeds. Protect your CCTV network from being attacked while making the video data itself publicly available.

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