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Secure & robust electronic products, software, systems and services for the worlds toughest environments.

The range of skills needed to bring any sort of innovation to market is surprisingly wide. Whether for a solo entrepreneur, a university spin-out or an established manufacturing company, not everyone who has a brilliant idea also has the engineering and innovative resources to make it a reality.

For a company that does not have them already, acquiring these skills in the form of a team of contractors or employees is extremely expensive, and building them into a cohesive team that functions well together is even more so.

At Tarian Technology, our engineering specialists can be your engineering department, taking care of what goes on behind the scenes so that you can keep your focus where it belongs, on your customers.

Engineering Capabilities

Systems Engineering

Making sure that the problem that the innovation intends to solve is well understood, and that the innovation actually solves it; helping to ensure that the product or service based on the innovation delivers the maximum possible value.

Materials & Mechanical

Ensuring that the physical design of the product is appropriate and (where necessary) attractive, using suitable materials to ensure that the product is durable without being excessively large or heavy, and taking account of ergonomics, ease-of-use, and manufacturability.

Electrical & Electronic

If hardware engineering is required, ensuring that all necessary functionality is delivered, taking full account of constraints such as power availability, safety, environmental compatibility, electromagnetic interference, and all applicable standards and legislation in the target market's territory.


Providing the detailed functionality of the product or service, whether in the form of embedded microprocessor code or a graphical user interface (GUI) running on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or a cloud server.